Mind-Boggling New Theory: is our Universe part of a Quantum Computer?

Astronomers, philosophers, physicists, scientists in general, and even average people have been asking themselves for centuries what is the origin of the Universe, and why it exists at all. Science has provided various theories over the years, all with pretty good arguments but with protesters as well.

If you thought that the hypothesis of the Universe being a hologram is weird enough, consider this: the Universe might be part of an immeasurably large quantum system that spans numerous multiverses.

The new theory comes from Russia

The new theory regarding the mere understanding of our nature exceeds the wildest imaginations. It was proposed by a team of physicists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU). We’ve heard before that we might be living in a computer simulation, but the new view of the Cosmos combines that with some Multiverse hypothesis.

Artyam Yurov and Valerian Yurov are the IKBFU researchers behind the study, and they claimed in their paper that they turned in their head standard theoretical physics views. Hopefully, that’s a good thing. Here’s a part of what the scientists are saying:

We present a new outlook on the cosmology, based on the quantum model proposed by Michael and Hall. In continuation of the idea of that model we consider finitely many classical homogeneous and isotropic universes whose evolutions are determined by the standard Einstein–Friedmann equations but that also interact with each other quantum-mechanically.

Whether the theory that the Universe is part of a quantum computer is true or not, one thing’s for sure: nowadays, scientists are almost certain about the existence of many other universes. Some claim that there could be an infinite number of universes out there. And we have to admit that there’s still a long way to go before science can claim that it understands how the Universe works and why is it the way it is.

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