Minecraft Dungeons Presents New DLC – Watch Video

The Minecraft legacy seems to live on for a long time from now, as it regularly brings new versions. Minecraft Dungeons, for instance, is only several months old since it was offered for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. 

Based on the same old universe where everything is made of blocks, Minecraft Dungeons offers a different approach than before. The players have to explore procedurally generated and handcrafted dungeons that are filled with randomly-generated monsters. Many traps, puzzles, bosses, and a quest for treasure are also included.

Major changes are coming to Minecraft Dungeons

From the major changes that are on their way to Minecraft Dungeons, we have to mention a new paid DLC as well as a higher difficulty level. Thanks to the official Minecraft account on YouTube, we can make ourselves a better idea for what the upcoming DLC will bring:

Check out all of the Minecraft: Dungeons news that we announced at Minecraft Live! The team walks you through cross-play, DLC, the season pass, and more – all while modelling a fabulous new line of clothing from CLOAK.

But still, there’s no exact dates for neither the DLC and the updates, but we can hope for them to become available in the upcoming months. It will represent one more reason to love the game even more. Minecraft Dungeons already enjoys plenty of popularity despite the fact that the game was released on May 26.

If you haven’t played Minecraft Dungeons already, you should know that it’s available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC. This is proof that the game will also be available pretty soon for at least one of the upcoming next-generation consoles – namely Xbox Series X/S, the gaming machines will be featuring backwards compatibility for all of their predecessors.

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