Minecraft Dungeons Won’t Get Cross-Platform Play

Mojang seems ready to bring Minecraft Dungeons on the market. While the game includes the Minecraft title, it has, however, a more different gameplay style. According to the devs, players don’t have to build or craft items anymore, not even structures.

Instead, they will enjoy new features. Minecraft Dungeons will arrive with randomly generated dungeons with some intriguing monsters in the spotlight. Also, players will try their hand on solving various puzzles and explore some areas for hidden treasures.

Minecraft Dungeons will be available on the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Since the game will be available on so many platforms, you’ve probably wondered, “will Minecraft Dungeons get cross-platform play?’ Well, let’s find out which are the chances.

Minecraft Dungeons and Its Chances to Get Cross-Platform Play

Well, unfortunately, none. We won’t see such a thing happen. When Minecraft Dungeons arrives, there will not be any cross-platform support at all. Yes, it is sad news, but that shouldn’t be a huge disappointment. Players will have to interact with others who have the same hardware. Such a thing means that the players who have a PS4 won’t be able to get along with players on PCs.

However, this decision of the developers is not set in stone. So, that’s better to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. According to the FAQ section, Minecraft Dungeons will arrive with support for cross-platform, but only in the future – meaning we have chances to see it happen somewhere in the following years.

Mojang announced that it would continue to work a lot on future updates after Minecraft Dungeons is released next month. As so many games got cross-platform support these days, it’s hard to believe the Minecraft Dungeons game won’t get such a feature. We should be able to talk more about the function once the game launches.

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