Minecraft: Pocket Edition Comes With a New Update and It’s All We Need Right Now

The Minecraft 1.16 update is available for all platforms – so pocket edition included! This new update is all about experiencing Nether in the game. There are also some gameplay changes with the biomes and the blocks.

Netherite armors and tools

When it comes to Netherite armors and tools, we have a new grind for both new players and old players. The new mobs in the game – PIGLINS AND PIGMEN – make the gameplay even better.

You can apply Netherite to diamond armor in order to make a new set. In order to craft it, go to the Nether, where you’ll find plenty of modern blocks and textures.


Some of these new blocks included in the update are Target block and Ancient Debris.

When it comes to the target blocks, they allow you to train without needing the mobs. These blocks add some incredible gameplay features which were not previously available in the game. The target block will help you with the accuracy of your bow and arrow.


There are also some new mobs. For example, we have Players Paradise, which gives you a new world to explore. It includes Piglins, Striders, and Zoglins.


These ones will completely change how you explore the Nether.

The Ancient Debris block is a new one that you need to mine in order to get the Nether.

We’re also getting the Soulsand Valley, Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, and it is safe to say they are more dynamic than what we’ve seen so far. To be honest, it will make the Nether more challenging to navigate, but isn’t that fun?



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