Minecraft Pocket Edition – How To Build An Amazing City

So, you want to build an advanced city in Minecraft Pocket Edition? You might have already come across various building websites that show you different tips and tricks that are somewhat confusing.

However, our guide will help you build a city with ease.

City Vs. Village And Others

Some core factors will help you pick the direction you want to go with your construction:

  • Metropolis – more prominent than a city, contains industrial areas, economy, culture, and others.
  • City – built to accommodate a large population, but the defense is weak.
  • Town – smaller than a city and even less defensive.
  • Village – similar to Mob Villages from Minecraft.

Step One – Choosing A Biome

First of all, you have to pick a biome for your city – forest, flat or hills. If you want to avoid terraforming, select the Flat Surface option straight away.

Step Two – Terraforming

After choosing a biome, it’s time to make it on a single level. The default land could present lumps and digs, so it’s mandatory to level it.

Terraforming has significant aesthetic importance.

Water bodies can occasionally hinder construction if you fail to Terraform them properly.

Step Three – Planning

Make sure you plan your city correctly so that you won’t regret it later on when you’ve already invested hours into building it.

Step Four – Adding Detail

After you finish building the base of your city, start adding detail. A bunch of buildings with no detail don’t make a city!

Add traffic lights, shops and so on! The only limit is your imagination!

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