Minecraft Pocket Edition – Tutorial For Playing On PC

You have probably played Minecraft at least once in the past decade since the game is so popular.

Some people purchased Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the mobile port of the famous game.

It’s nice to have a copy of Minecraft on mobile, so you can take it wherever you go.

You probably have contemplated that your smartphone’s screen is too small, or the controls are too exhausting if you played Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Haven’t you ever wished that you could play it on your computer, on a much bigger screen?

Can It Be Done?

Thanks to third-party software, you can easily play Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your computer.

You need to install an Android emulator – BlueStacks, namely. It allows you to run Android on your computer, exactly like on a smartphone. You can navigate in the interface using a mouse and keyboard.

How To Install Minecraft: Pocket Edition On PC

First of all, you have to install BlueStacks. Search for BlueStacks on Google and open the official website. Navigate to the downloads section and get the BlueStacks version that is compatible with your computer.

Install it by following the on-screen steps, just like you would install any regular PC program.

After it’s finished, launch it.

You will notice that BlueStacks prompts you with a startup screen similar to a regular Android smartphone. You’ll have to type your Google account and password when prompted to. It’s easy, do as the operating system asks you to.

When it’s all set, navigate to the menu. You’ll notice that the Google Play Store is available. Please open it and search for Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you have already purchased it, it will let you download it right away, if you are connected with the right account.

The game will install automatically. When you first open it, BlueStacks will prompt you to change your control bindings, if you want to. However, it should be pretty intuitive. The game works mostly like the Windows version of Minecraft. It is otherwise the same. Enjoy your Minecraft adventure on a computer!

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