MIUI 12: New Features Revealed – UI, Notification System, and More

China is more and more active in the smartphone area, and not only when it comes to manufacturing them. Being first released a decade ago, MIUI is an Android-based operating system created by Xiaomi for phones and tablets. After MIUI 11 was launched last year in October, it’s time for MIUI 12 to be released in the future. Although the eleventh version is still in its roll-out stage, Xiaomi already began working on MIUI 12.

With countless rumors and speculations about what the next version of MIUI will bring new, it’s time to see what are the most plausible features it will have.

UI changes

Relevant screenshots are showcasing new animations and gestures that resemble the UI changes from Android 10. There is a long thin bar at the bottom. To switch between the apps, the user will just have to swipe left and right.

For opening the Recent Apps window, users will just have to perform a swipe up. There are also animations gathered to provide a more interesting design – for multitasking and opening apps, specifically.

Better dark mode

Even though MIUI 11 already has a dark mode, plenty of users are not satisfied because of it. MIUI 12 will significantly improve this aspect, with system apps featuring better support and interfaces also providing better dark mode experience. A dark theme is a great idea for any app or operating system since it relaxes the eyes, improves battery life, and more.

New notification system

MIUI 11 has been obviously weak when it comes to managing many push notifications at once. To fix this, MIUI 12 is expected to bring an entire new notification management system so that the user won’t miss any important message.

MIUI 12 is expected to release in mid-2020 as a beta version if all goes according to the plan. We’re already eager to see it running on phones and tablets.

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