MIUI 12 Saturn Super Wallpaper – How To Get It For All Xiaomi / Android Devices!

Xiaomi recently introduced ultra versions of its flagship smartphones at its 10th anniversary – The Mi 10 ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra.

Both devices pack impressive specifications that can outshine more expensive devices.

For example, the Mi 10 ultra was qualified as the best camera smartphone as per DxOMark, the popular camera benchmarking website.

However, that’s not the only great thing about the Mi 10 Ultra – It also packs a new Super wallpaper named “Faraway Rings.”

About The Feature

Super Wallpapers is an MIUI 12 Feature that introduced 3D interactive live wallpapers to Xiaomi smartphones.

Some wallpapers show an aerial perspective of planets of the solar system, and they also let you zoom in to the surface while on the home screen.

Here’s how Faraway Rings looks:

How To Get It On Other Devices

Getting the Super Wallpaper is super simple.

After you download and install the files, try the default method for applying live wallpapers on your smartphone.

You can also apply wallpapers with the Google Photos app.

Xiaomi users can also do the same thing by downloading the Activity launcher and run the “Super Wallpaper” activity under the “Wallpaper” segment of the app.

The great thing about the feature is that, according to XDA Developers, it works on any device running Android 8.0 and above.

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