Motorola Launches One of The Most Affordable 5G Phones

Brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, and others had submitted their proposals for the 5G realm that keeps spreading. We can expect the 5G connectivity to become a standard in the near future, as it grants much faster and more stable internet speeds than other technologies.

With launched gadgets like Motorola G 5G Plus or Motorola Edge 5G, the American company surely doesn’t want to stop just yet. The Motorola company has a history of almost a century, and it can surely bring even more compelling material to the market.

Behold the Motorola One 5G

This new gadget shall become available soon on AT&T and later in October on Verizon for a price less than 500 bucks. At this price, you’ll get a phone equipped with a powerful 5,000 battery and a high-end Snapdragon 765 processor for the highlights. The device also features a 6.7-inch full HD LCD display with 90Hz of refresh rate.

YouTube account Motorola US even published a presentation video of the phone, and you are free to admire it in all its glory below:

Believe the hype. 5G speed is unbelievably fast, and motorola one 5G is bringing it to everyone. Download movies in minutes and play online games without lag. Plus, capture every moment with a 48 MP quad camera system.

Motorola One 5G promises smooth online gaming, despite having only 4GB of RAM. However, that Snapdragon 765 chipset should do its job pretty well since it’s also found on the Samsung Galaxy A71. Also coming in a 5G variant, the A71 model of Samsung is one of the most interesting phones of the South Korean giant. A quad camera setup of 64MP, 6 to 8GB of RAM, and a front camera of 32 MP are among the highlights.

Slowly but surely, having a 5G phone will practically become mandatory in the near future.

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