Much More Planets Could Harbor Extraterrestrial Life than Scientists Initially Thought

Without a doubt, complex life is the most amazing thing that could have ever occur in the Universe. Perhaps no biologist, doctor, or scientist, in general, will ever fully understand how life works. But if we take a look at the unimaginable vastness of the Universe, common sense tells us that life should be on many other planets as well.

Furthermore, why would such a huge Universe with trillions of galaxies and even more stars exist only for us humans? Why would you buy a huge field if you’re not willing to harvest any crops on it? However, a recent study reveals to us that life could be much more common across the Universe than all of us thought.

Life on 100% hydrogen atmospheres

This is the scenario that a new study proposes. Well, it’s not about life as we know it, but about microbial life. And considering the fact that hydrogen is the simplest and most widespread element from the Universe, you can easily conclude that the chances of alien life existing on other planets are sky rocking.

In the new study, the researchers investigated two different kinds of microbes to see how well they grew in the lab in 100% hydrogen. The microbes were the bacterium E. coli, and the yeast. The scientists found that both types of microbes could reproduce themselves, switching from the oxygen-consuming metabolism to anaerobic processes.

The growth rates were slower in hydrogen atmospheres. E. coli reached numbers half those they would have in normal air, and yeast was hundreds of times less abundant than it would normally have been.

The scientists published their study in the journal Nature Astronomy. Whether there are any alien life forms out there or not, the truth is that both scenarios can be equally frightening. But judging by the fabulous distances across the Universe, aliens are most likely way too far for us to ever be able to reach them.

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