Mysterious Green UFO Spotted Over The Skies of Australia is Triggering Wild Speculations – Watch Video

When you see a UFO, you first think about aliens. And it’s not something to blame at all, regardless of how much you like Star Wars or other similar cinema productions. It’s within the human nature to seek the sensational, the jaw-dropping hypotheses, and also to hope that there is something bigger and much more glorious than us somewhere in the Universe.

The citizens of the Australian region Pilbara were left speechless when a mysterious green light with a tail illuminated the skies above them yesterday in the morning (June 15). People capturing the peculiar phenomenon had seen it more precisely from the Northern Territory and South Australia, as Glen Nagle from the CSIRO-NASA tracking station in Canberra says.

Alien invasion?

The inevitable and ultimate question arises that everyone is thinking about: are aliens invading Earth in the pandemic year 2020? It seems so if we take a look at the footage below:

But actually, there is a scientific explanation for the spectacular celestial phenomenon, provided by Renae Sayers from Curtin University’s Space, Science and Technology Centre:

What we tend to see, when objects like space debris, or if it’s a satellite burning up, what we tend to see is sort of like crackles and sparks.

This is due to the fact that there is stuff burning up — so you’ve got solar panels going all over the place, you’ve got hunks of metal moving around as it’s burning up through our atmosphere.

Scientists also believe that similar events occur every day on Earth. Our planet’s atmosphere is hit daily by about 100 tonnes of space debris, but most of them are falling over unpopulated regions across the globe and in oceans.

There’s also worth mentioning that a UFO means by definition something unknown. It stands for Unidentified Flying Object, which means that it’s not mandatory to be a flying saucer conducted by a little green guy with pointy years.

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