‘NASA at Home’ Helps People Address The Social Distancing Due To COVID-19

In these times of social distancing, it can be quite easy to become bored, especially in the case of persons with an inquisitive mind, who are always looking to learn more about the world and the universe. Educational content can be found on the internet buy some choices aren’t as engaging as they may seem at first. NASA has developed a new special series of content called NASA at Home, which was designed with a focus on interesting themes as it will explore research, discoveries, and explorations made around the world and in space.

Users can choose between content that will satisfy the whole family, among which we can count impressive videos and podcasts, eBooks which detail several topics, fun do-it-yourself projects, and much more. A major highlight is represented by the availability of augmented reality, and VR tours focused on sights like the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, and other objectives.

More about the NASA at Home initiative

According to NASA representative, the aim of the project is to provide a way to explore the world without the need to leave the house. To pursue this goal, NASA decided to develop the content in several format types, which should allow anyone to find something interesting and play it on their device of choice.

The special also highlights valuable educational resources for families, students, and children who attend kindergarten. Less formal educational content is favored by the younger generations since it is more active and focused on relevant details instead of trying to force them to memorize data in a limited amount of time.

People who want to contribute to some projects also have the option to participate in citizen science initiatives that strive to collect important data about the Earth or even space. NASA at Home will also offer the opportunity to interact with popular figures. For example, astronaut Cristina Koch will read children’s books live on Instagram.

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