NASA Can Pay You for Spending Time while Simulating a Trip to Mars

Humanity has been dreaming of going to Mars for centuries. Whether it would be for leaving our home for good or just for the sake of advancing through space and explore the Martian soil even more, it’s a great idea to go to our neighboring planet. But surely such a mission won’t be as easy as it was for Matt Damon’s character from ‘The Martian’ movie.

Therefore, humanity needs to think of all tests possible to assure itself that a trip to Mars is safe. And if you’re deeply in love with space exploration or you just want to run away from home, NASA can help you. The American space agency is recruiting volunteers to spend eight months in a simulated spacecraft on its way to the Red Planet.

The experiment will take place in Moscow

Even though you’ll be a volunteer if you’ll be selected by NASA, you know what they say that nothing is ever truly for free in this world. Besides, how else could you motivate someone to participate in an astronomical experiment that doesn’t even imply going into space? NASA will pay you for the mission, but no exact amount has been revealed. The experiment will take place in Moscow, Russia, which hints to the idea that the Russian space agency (Roscosmos) could get involved as well.

However, NASA obviously has some demands for the volunteers:

NASA is looking for highly motivated U.S. citizens who are 30-55 years old and are proficient in both Russian and English languages. Requirements are: M.S., PhD., M.D. or completion of military officer training. Participants with a Bachelor’s degree and other certain qualifications (e.g., relevant additional education, military, or professional experience) may be acceptable candidates as well.

Humanity has the duty of going to Mars sooner or later. It will be a huge step for science in general and astronomy in particular, regardless of what we will find on the Red Planet.

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