NASA Gives Us Reasons To Stay Home With Its Virtual Space Tours

NASA is giving all of us reason to do something good with our isolation. A perfect mix between learning and entertainment, as one could expect for a fun-ride proposal coming form astronomers. Learning is fun for them, and they are generous enough to help us discover this particular kind of fun. We’ve picked a few of NASA’s virtual offerings, but remember there are more of them.

New NASA’s Virtual Space Tours

“Go for Flight” in a Virtual Tour of NASA Armstrong

Go for Flight is a 3-D virtual tour of NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, California. The tour starts at the entrance to AFRC, giving you a view of an aircraft hangar and a control room. It takes you to the X-57 flight simulator, the Armstrong Flight Loads Laboratory, the AFRC Engine Shop, the Dryden Aeronautical Range control room, and it ends the aircraft ramp where F-/A18 jets are ready for takeoff.

The Stratosphere via Virtual Tour

Explore inside SOFIA is a 3-D virtual tour with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. It is a Boeing 747SP aircraft that carries a telescope. The experience starts in the exterior of SOFIA with the telescope emergence during flight. Then, the visitor is taken inside the main deck to the aircraft’s flight deck, which is upstairs.

360-Degree Virtual Tour

The virtual tour 360-degree trip at the Space Telescope Operations Control Center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. This is the residence of Hubble Space Telescope. You are first invited to the lobby and then taken to the Mission Operations Room. From there you get that chance to visit the Operations Support Room, where anomalies are investigated. It all ends in the exhibit hallway with a museum of former aircraft technology.

The exoplanet excursion

The guided journey is a narrative tour that transforms into an interactive experience once you learn to control the virtual Spitzer Space Telescope. It is an app that can be downloaded for free and gives you the chance to discover the observations the telescope has made in its 16+ year mission.

International Space Station

Tour of her home away from home is a journey in the International Space Station guided by the astronaut Suni Williams. The trips take you to visit the Russian segment, the station’s observation deck, the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device in the Tranquility node, the Japanese laboratory, or the crew’s sleeping quarters and hygiene station.

Exoplanet Travel Bureau

360-degree visualizations give its visitors the chance to choose their destination. A never-ending ocean of lava, a planet-hop from TRAPPIST-1e, relax on KEPPLER-16b, experience the gravity of a super-earth are just some of the options you have to explore planets and stars. You can also download and print a poster of that trip.

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