NASA Identifies a ‘Boat’ on Mars – Ultimate Proof for Aliens?

Wondering if we are alone in the Universe or not is one of the biggest dilemmas in science. But luckily for us, our neighboring planet Mars has some chances of harboring alien life forms. This is one of the main reasons why space agencies are adding so much emphasis on the exploration for the Red Planet.

Now, it’s possible that the astronomers hit the jackpot. NASA just photographed something on Mars that looks pretty much like a boat:

Those who like conspiracy theories had immediately begun to speculate that this is the ultimate proof that intelligent life once existed on Mars.

Has NASA been collaborating with aliens?

The UFO hunter Scott C Waring was the one that identified the possible boat in NASA images. He further declared the following:

As you see, the boat itself is just three meters away from the NASA rover landing spot. That makes this a very suspicious landing location.

Obviously, NASA knew about this ancient boat structure and deliberately landed the rover in this location because then are on a secret mission to retrieve alien technology.

Waring further stated the obvious:

Originally I found this back in 2016 but recently realized that this landing location couldn’t possibly be a coincidence.

But don’t open the champagne just yet! Many people, including those from NASA, would simply say that any familiar structures found, including the ‘boat’, are only effects of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon that makes the brain to trick the eyes into seeing familiar shapes.

Whatever the case may be, we have to be honest and present the most plausible scenario. If aliens truly are there, somewhere in the Cosmos, the distances to them are far bigger than our current technological possibilities. Only the distance to our closest solar system known as Alpha Centauri is somewhere between 3 to 4 light-years.

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