NASA is Building a Better Robot for Digging on the Moon

Whether we like to admit it or not, humanity still has a lot to learn about the Moon. The last time when humans laid foot on our natural satellite happened almost half of a century ago: in 1972. But if we can’t afford to return to the Moon pretty soon, that doesn’t mean that astronomers and engineers can’t build some intelligent machines to do the job for us.

NASA has exactly the idea of sending robots to roam around the lunar surface, as it has been done before plenty of times. But regardless of how good tools humanity has, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to technology.

RASSOR shall be the star of the show

The RASSOR robot (Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot) will be used to dig on the Moon’s surface. The robot will be part of the Artemis program, and NASA has initiated crowdsourcing for it. However, it will take a while for the testing phase so that NASA will be sure that RASSOR is the right robot for the job.

Considering that humans never been to the Moon since 1972 and that technology had evolved tremendously since then, this led to several speculations. Some people are claiming that it was all just a hoax and that humans never went to the Moon, while others are claiming that humans encountered hostile aliens on our natural satellite. Both scenarios are as plausible as the one claiming that Santa Claus exists. Of course, the Universe is way too outrageously huge for not hosting any other intelligent beings than humans, but those same distances are making themselves practically impossible to travel even with the speed of light. And according to an illustrious physicist that you may have heard of, named Albert Einstein, nothing can surpass the speed of light.

However, NASA plans to send humans to the Moon again by 2024 during the Artemis program, but God knows what can happen until then.


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