NASA Made an Interesting Discovery About the Yellowstone

NASA has made an exciting discovery related to the effects of climate change on the Yellowstone National Park after observing satellite data which has been collected for more than two decades.

In recent years the Yellowstone National Park has raised the curiosity of many researchers due to its remarkable position.

The satellites tracked the transitions between seasons and the impact over the animals and plants that live in the park. It is inferred that the period during which vegetation grows has started to become longer each year as the winters become shorter, and the overall temperatures tend to be higher.

One of the positive effects is represented by the fact that an increased amount of available grass played an essential role in a boost among the bison population. By using the new data works which attempt to conserve the park will be even more effective.

Climate change affects the ecosystem of the Yellowstone National Park

A researcher who contributed to the study has stated that a significant amount of information has been collected. The team compiled essential highlights in the form of a near-real-time map that can be compared to a weather map. The project was initiated at the request of the National Park Service.

During the study, the scientists employed MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), a tool which is mounted on two NASA satellites, Terra and Aqua. The data analysis will facilitate the work of managers who can make better decisions in the long run.

A key aspect is represented by the aspect to anticipate the areas where significant bison populations are present and to prevent clashes between them and human communities.

Other efforts will seek to limit the consequences of climate change on the localized ecosystem of the park. Wildfires may also be prevented as MODIS can track the areas where snow will melt at a faster rate, uncovering vegetation that can serve as a fire starter. More information could be shared in the future.

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