NASA Picks Smartphone Manufacturer for Building 4G Wireless Networks on the Moon

You just cannot live without the internet these days, and some people will be convinced of that even after they’ll go far away from Earth. NASA will send astronauts to our natural satellite via the Artemis mission, and the event will mark the return of humanity to the Moon after more than half a century. 

NASA has a lot in plan for the future lunar base that it will start building in the next several years. A wireless network is practically mandatory, but NASA cannot do it alone like in pretty much all other aspects of life.

Nokia selected to build the first cellular communications network

The famous Finnish company proves once again that it has great plans for the future. Therefore, Nokia’s Bell Labs subsidiary will team up with American robotics specialist Intuitive Machines. The purpose is to deliver a space-hardened 4G/LTE network to our natural satellite within the Artemis mission that will land humans on the Moon by 2024. However, the two sides are optimistic that the network will be ready until 2023. A lunar lander vehicle will be carrying a self-configuring system.

Nokia confirms the obvious by saying:

These communication applications are all vital to long-term human presence on the lunar surface,

As part of the Tipping Point solicitation, the network launch of Nokia has a five-year budget of $14.1 million.

The last time humans went to the Moon happened at the end of 1972. At that time, Harrison H. Schmitt along with Ronald E. Evans and Eugene Cernan, arrived to our natural satellite during the Apollo 17 mission.

NASA also recently began to test the spacesuit that future astronauts will wear during the Artemis mission. The testing occurred at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Pool from the space agency’s Johnson Space Center. The astronauts were underwater, and they could experience a similar environment that’s also found on the Moon, where the gravity is significantly lower than the one from Earth.

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