NASA Plans To Build A Space Hotel On The ISS, Along With Axiom Space

If you had a startup, what would be your most significant achievement? Most of you would probably reply by thinking of money, but let’s throw a better perspective into that. On Monday, NASA announced they picked the startup called Axiom Space, based in Houston, to help them build a space hotel on the ISS. Now, how’s that for an achievement?

What’s the Thing with the Space Hotel NASA Plans to Build?

The idea of such a hotel is not now, considering NASA hoped to manage to reach this milestone on Mars or the Moon. Now, their plan to set up the first commercial destination on the ISS since they selected the company they will work with.

In a post on their blog, NASA declared that this project is essential for them. First and foremost, it represents a way to grow the economy on the Earth’s orbit. Jim Bridenstine, who works as an administrator at NASA, said that Axiom Space’s work also represents a critical step forward. This furthers the company in its effort to improve scientific research, tech demos, astronaut training, and other goals.

But Who is Axiom Space?

TechCrunch reports that Axiom was founded in 2016 by Michael T. Suffredini. If you don’t know who Suffredini is, then find out that he was a CEO, as well as a former program manager on the ISS. Moreover, he has plans to start his own space station.

If you have a look at the startup’s website, you will see they advertise private trips to space, for people who can afford it. Regarding the future plans, Suffredini told people last year that we will be going to have Wi-Fi and plenty of facilities. This experience will mostly be like camping, with people making phone calls, relaxing, looking out of the window into space. Would you pay for such an experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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