NASA Prepares of Using Robots for Building a Space Station that will Orbit the Moon

Technology becomes weirder day by day, and so do the plans of humans. Hopefully, the future inventions will do more good to humanity than harm. During the recent years, humanity has been focusing more attention on the field of space exploration than it has done before. But now, NASA plans to take it at a whole new level.

If you ever imagined during childhood that one-day humans would be using robots to build space stations for them far from Earth, you can be proud of yourself. You might have the ability to predict the future!

NASA teams up with the Western Australian government

The Western Australian government made the big announcement. After a partnership with NASA, a new space robotics center will be opened. The goal is to create remotely-controlled robots capable of building a space station near the Moon.

While it may sound too good to be true, the Science, Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly is pretty optimistic:

What AROSE will do, is take the world-class technology already utilized in Western Australia and adapt it for remote operations on the Moon, Mars and beyond,

AROSE stands for the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth consortium. However, Dave Kelly suggests that the whole process will take a significant amount of time:

Almost everything in the new missions to the Moon and Mars will be operated remotely so launching things into space is just one part of it,

Five years needed, at least

For the ambitious plan to work, the AROSE consortium has to boost the economy and therefore create 1500 jobs during the next five years.

Of course, plenty of things can happen in five years, and the accelerating rhythm science is evolving is truly staggering. We may build a space station on Mars, find the secret for teleportation, or maybe some other space agency will apply NASA’s plan a lot sooner. What we know for sure is that the future regarding technology really looks bright.

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