NASA Prepares to Test Ultra-Expensive Rocket To The Moon

We’re happy to find out that even in 2020, the Moon is still considered an attractive destination for astronomers. NASA wants to send humans to our natural satellite once again during the Artemis program by 2024. The last time when man made it to the Moon happened almost half a century ago: in December 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission.

NASA now prepares its SLS (Space Launch System) rocket as an uncrewed mission that should arrive to the Moon in November 2021.

Development of SLS: $9.1 billion

The SLS will actually represent the first flight from NASA’s Artemis program. Judging by the price needed for the development of the first rocket, you could say that it’s understandable why astronauts didn’t go to the Moon anymore for such a long time. The costs for such travel are enormous, and this is a much more reliable argument than the amusing speculation that astronomers came in contact with intelligent and hostile alien life forms living on the Moon.

NASA published on YouTube the booster test for the SLS rocket:

The description says:

On Wed., Sept. 2., at 2:45 p.m. EDT, we will test the solid rocket boosters for our Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket ever built. This full-scale booster test will take place at the Northrop Grumman facilities in Promontory, Utah, and help engineers evaluate improvements and new materials in the boosters for deep space missions beyond #Artemis III.

If the Artemis program will turn out to be successful, the next step is to put a man on Mars for the first time in history. Mars is the best candidate for cosmic objects where scientists could build a colony in the distant future. However, the first steps need to be taken towards that huge goal. Even another trip to the Moon can be considered a step in this case.

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