NASA Proposes an Online Contest for all the Outer Space Fans

March Madness is a competition offered by NASA over the past years. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, it was canceled to the disappointment of fans and outer space fans who loved it.

However, NASA is planning on launching one more competition in April. For this contest, they are displaying some of the most intriguing shots taken in the outer space and not only. Their goal is to determine the most breathtaking picture of this year.

The competition’s name is Tournament Earth and the pictures are separated into different categories such as sky and sea or ice and land. The inspiration for launching this competition came directly from the Earth Observatory’s initiative to ask for public opinion regarding the most beautiful images. Their collection included over 16.000 pictures.

The intriguing photos allowed voters to admire the fascinating, diverting views of the creation and evolution process of our planet.

More about the NASA’s proposed online contest

In the “sea and sky” category, the competition includes a view from the sky of the Atafu Atoll. It is an outline shaped like a bicycle seat situated in the South Pacific. The coral reefs are combining, forming the image of a volcano. The enemy is represented by a picture of blue-green ripples from the Andaman Sea.

For the “ice and land” criteria, the image of the red landscape formed by the Namib Sand Sea and its enormous dunes. It is competing against the molten rock of Iceland and its fields full of lava.

The most intriguing category is for sure the “home planet,” where one can admire the aurora australis captured from above by the astronauts or the breathtaking view of the Earth floating across the marble surface of our natural satellite. The next voting round is on the 6th of April.

In addition to this, fans can even read the memories of the astronauts that took the pictures. NASA is hoping that these pictures will show you the inspiring loneliness from the outer space and make you appreciate more the wonders that we have on Earth.

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