NASA Released Never-Before-Seen Photos of Apollo 11 Mission

NASA’s famous Apollo 11 Moon landing took place over 50 years ago now, and a bunch of never-seen photos resurfaces. The monumental mission is brought back to our attention in detail.

July 1969 witnessed how astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins embarked on the most challenging task NASA had ever developed so far. The team made history with their arrival on the Moon, an event that is still relevant nowadays. They also ended the Space Race dispute by placing the US Flag in the dusty ground of the Moon.

Never-Before-Seen Shots Unveils The Events That Followed Apollo 11 Mission

A bunch of incredible photos found in the Daily Mirror’s archive unveils the events that occurred after the grand mission. The image set begins at a pub in Kings Heath, a region from Birmingham. Currently, known as “Man on the Moon,” the pub gathered back then a lot of people to celebrate. Punters can be observed feasting and sitting out to the streets, too.

Then, another snap displays Dr. Stuart Agrell from the Cambridge University on the London Underground, keeping close a bag with samples from the Moon. Those were gathered by Aldrin and Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission but were kept in quarantine at NASA’s Lunar Laboratory in Houston until they were declared safe. Almost 3.5 ounces of lunar dust was examined at the Insitute of Geological Sciences from London, back in 1969.

The samples were showcased during an official event, where Dr. Agrell seemed to be excited about it. Another image shows the fantastic trio of Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins at the US Embassy in London, in November the same year. The snaps represent an excellent opportunity for us to follow the exact events that followed the Apollo 11 mission. The remaining photos are below!

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