NASA Renames a Space Telescope After an Important Astronomer

NASA is well-known for having powerful tools that allowed humanity to spot stunning insights into our Cosmos located so far that the human mind can’t even comprehend. The galaxies, the quasars, the supermassive black holes, the numerous exoplanets found, and more – they all make us realize how tiny and fragile we really are in the Cosmos.

The formerly-known Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) now gets renamed after pioneering astronomer Nancy Grace Roman. Thus, the powerful gadget becomes Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope.

Better than the Hubble Space Telescope

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is significantly better in some ways than the famous Hubble. The ‘Roman Telescope’ is equipped with a wide-field camera that’s 100 times the field of view of Hubble. There’s also an instrument designed specifically for taking direct images of planets that orbit nearby stars.

NASA prepared a video dedicated to the new telescope, and it surely has great plans for it. The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is expected to help astronomers find answers like what is dark matter, and dark energy, how many planets from our galaxy can harbor any life forms, etc. Here’s the video, and you are free to watch it as many times as you wish:

NASA also offers us some details of the launch date of the telescope, along with other interesting details:

Scheduled to launch in the mid-2020s, the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, formerly known as WFIRST, will function as Hubble’s wide-eyed cousin. While just as sensitive as Hubble’s cameras, the Roman Space Telescope’s 300-megapixel Wide Field Instrument will image a sky area 100 times larger. This means a single Roman Space Telescope image will hold the equivalent detail of 100 pictures from Hubble.

We can’t wait to see what stunning images will the new NASA telescope be bringing to mankind. The galaxy is like an ocean full of goldfish, not to mention the whole Universe.

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