NASA Salutes The New School Year Through The ‘Join Artemis Week’

The new school year begins, and the world sure needs as many people as possible to be interested in space exploration and astronomy in general. NASA knows that very well, so there’s no wonder why the Office of STEM Engagement brings the Join Artemis Week.

NASA’s official website made the big announcement, as the Join Artemis Week lasts until September 18. The goal is to provide “resources and opportunities to inspire and engage students of all ages in the future of space exploration.”

Helping educators to engage students in the Artemis program

The program began by exploring all the developed resources by NASA for helping educators to engage students of all grades for the Artemis program. As for today, September 15, there’s an exciting essay contest. NASA’s official website says that the challenge is for K-12 students to write about how they would lead a crew of astronauts for an expedition to the Moon.

The winner from each grade division will win a family trip to the Artemis test launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center from Florida. Also, nine finalists will get to learn more about lunar exploration, as they’ll get the chance of traveling with a parent to NASA’s Johnson Space Center from Houston. Every essay will count in one way or another, as every student who writes one will be invited to a virtual event featuring a NASA astronaut.

The rest of the days of Join Artemis Week are just as interesting, and hopefully, more people will become interested in space exploration.

Artemis is the name of the upcoming NASA mission that intends to return humans to the Moon by 2024. The last time when astronauts landed on our natural satellite was in 1972 during an Apollo mission. Being a mystery for why humans didn’t land on the Moon for such a long time, this triggered various conspirational theories. One of them claims that astronauts encountered hostile alien life forms living on the Moon.

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