NASA Seeks Ideas For Future Lunar Rovers From Electric Car Companies

If you think what electric cars and a lunar rover could have in common, well, apparently nothing; the fact that both are revolutionary devices realized as the future’s tools, there is nothing else to say. Only that NASA is interested in close collaboration with some electric car companies for an upcoming project.

The US space agency wants to find out which are the best ideas for a lunar rover. So, they turn to seek help from electric car companies. By looking at Elon Musk’s business, space-science and electric cars go hand in hand, and it couldn’t be more intriguing.

NASA’s Plans Includes Electric Car Companies’ Help

As we mentioned, sometimes running a space business and one of manufacturing electric cars could turn into releasing some of the most significant projects so far. NASA’s recent decision to ask for potential industry partners, such as electric car companies, might come as an ordinary thing. The space agency intends to launch an LTV (lunar terrain vehicle), that could someday send astronauts across the Red Planet’s ground.

“We are turning to industry to offer us exciting approaches to leverage existing systems here on Earth – including law enforcement, military, or recreational vehicles – that could be modified for use in space to enhance our mobility architecture,” reads the full statement of Steven Clarke, the deputy associate manager for exploration.

A Journey to the Moon

NASA seeks for a passenger vehicle that isn’t pressurized. Such a thing means that astronauts will continue to wear their sleek spacesuits. The call if part of the space agency’s higher aims to resend American to the Moon under its Artemis mission.

We have a lot of chances to witness such a project developing very soon, as NASA’s plans are enhancing year by year. Also, its current missions and work proved to be efficient and successful.

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