NASA Unveils New Insights of the Grand Design Spiral Galaxy NGC 5364

The Universe is loaded with various structures that speak for themselves about the greatness of creation. From stars, galaxies and even to atoms and quarks, the smallest known building blocks of matter itself – they are all pointing to tremendous intelligent design, far greater than anyone could ever comprehend. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not in a divine being that created us. The Cosmos has countless wonderful things to offer to us.

The Spiral Galaxy NGC 5364 is one more proof that there is such thing as grand design in the Universe. It even received that title from the astronomers themselves.

Located 44.4 million light-years away

If by any chance, you have plans of spending a vacation on NGC 5364, you should cancel them immediately. The galaxy is way too far away even for light to reach it in a human lifetime.

Now, the Hubble Space Telescope operated by NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) has captured a new image that reveals the central part of the galaxy:

In order to obtain such a detailed image, Hubble has been using its Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) and Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).

The Hubble astronomers describe their new conclusions regarding the NGC 5364 galaxy:

Grand designs like NGC 5364 are in many ways the archetype of a spiral galaxy.

They are characterized by their prominent, well-defined arms, which circle outwards from a clear core.

While a lot of people nowadays are debating the idea that humanity should colonize Mars, the NGC 5364 galaxy may also be a good candidate if we somehow figure out how to get there. The galaxy could host thousands of habitable planets like Earth.

A wormhole can do the trick

Since Einstein claimed vehemently that nothing can surpass the speed of light, the only solution to travel all the way to the NGC 5364 galaxy in less than a human lifetime is to build a wormhole. For those who don’t know, a wormhole is simply a shortcut in spacetime, so distance wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The big problem is that we need a tremendous amount of energy to build one, and that is something that humanity can’t afford for the moment.

Maybe some friendly and highly-intelligent aliens will ever build a wormhole for us, like in the movie “Interstellar”?


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