NASA Will Send Over 10M Names On Mars Via The Perseverance Rover

NASA’s most ambitious project, Mars 2020, is going to happen according to the schedule. The most waited and the most ambitious project humanity has ever seen, the mission of Mars 2020, is to collect samples from the red planet, which will be used for further analysis. The Perseverance rover will be sent to space to receive the rock samples.

To get the broad public involvement in the upcoming launch, NASA has implemented the „Send Your Name to Mars” project, where fans have the chance to write their names on the robot. Scientists from all over the world have already sent their messages, and the names are already printed on three minuscule chips that have already been secured to the machine.

The Perseverance Rover Will Carry More Than 10M Names On Mars

NASA started the contest in 2019, and until the closure, 10.932.295 submissions have been enregistered to the site. It is not the first time the company takes this initiative to send fans names on missions in the outer space. NASA chose only the scientists as winners and is planning on honoring them during the mission. The 155 names alongside their motivational essays were attached to the robot om 16 March this year in Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Perseverance Mars rover is scheduled to launch this summer, and it will arrive on Mars on 18 February 2021. Plans regarding the release date have not changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. What NASA has done is to lock down numerous facilities and send its employees at home as a measure of prevention, even though this experiment was not canceled.

The possibility of postponing the mission still exists. What would be difficult to handle is that this delay means that the rover will be arriving on Mars in 2022. This would be at the same time when a second launch mission to Mars is scheduled. This is a sensitive issue since the launch is only possible at exact time-slots.

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