NASA’s Curiosity Rover Surprises Us With Spectacular Images Of Mars At Dawn

NASA’s Curiosity rover captured Mars’ beauty recently, displaying dawn breaking across Gale Crater. The news about such an event was published on Twitter by NASA’s Doug Ellison.

He stated: “One of the nicest images I have had the fortune of being asked to take.” Mars is known as dry and arid, and our planet is prospering in water. Such a difference, however, doesn’t matter when we’re both under the light of the same sun.

The Curiosity Rover Captured New Stunning Images On Mars

Ellison’s work is awe-inspiring, he is working with the science team and the rover operators to get the best shots. As he calls himself “a Mars photographer,” he indeed succeeds in capturing a lot of beauty.

Curiosity shot the image on Saturday using its right navigation camera. The picture presents the sun shining into the corner of the frame, illuminating only a little the exciting landscape nearby the rover. Some had pointed out an unexpected similarity between Mars and New Mexico.

Gale Crater is Curiosiy’s rest place away from Earth, a breathtaking area where the rover has mountains, hills, outcrops, and the towering structure of Mount Sharp. NASA’s rover has been traveling this environment since it landed in 2012.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover’s Mission So Far

The Curiosity rover measures almost a car’s dimensions and is developed to explore the crater Gale on Mars. It is also part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission. The rover was launched from Cape Canaveral in 2011 and landed on Aeolis Palus inside Gale in 2012.

Curiosity’s set aims are to analyze Mars’ climate and geology, also if the Gale environment has ever offered surface conditions favorable for microbial life, and the chances for human explorations. Moreover, Curiosity’s design serves as the base for the intended Mars 2020 rover, which will transport various scientific tools.

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