NASA’s Female ISS Astronaut Set A New World Record

The astronaut holding the record for the longest spaceflight by a female can’t wait to return home after almost 11 months in orbit.

The funny female astronaut is waiting for the day to devour some yummy salsa and chips and relax surfing in the Gulf of Mexico. We can’t blame her and hope she gets the well deserved holiday!

If you haven’t heard of the record holder, her name is Christina Koch, and she is a NASA astronaut. Koch is on her 320th consecutive day in space with her colleagues. Her top goal of this mission was to take part in the first all-female spacewalk.

Ever since March, she is stationed on the International Space Station and will end her mission on February 6 when she will return to Earth with two colleagues. The landing location is in Kazakhstan, and they will fly back aboard a Russian capsule.

NASA’s Female Astronaut Set A New World Record

Koch and her fellow NASA astronaut Jessica Meir said that the October 18 spacewalk “could serve as an inspiration for future space explorers,” and we could ‘t agree more!

“We both drew a lot of inspiration from seeing people that were reflections of ourselves as we were growing up and developing our dreams to become astronauts,” added Koch from the space station. “So to recognize that maybe we could pay that forward and serve the same for those that are up and coming was just such a highlight.”

Males dominate NASA’s astronaut team, but Koch thinks that “diversity is important, and I think it is something worth fighting for.” We like to see people talking about what their goals passionately.

If they could visit here,” I would continue staying for a very long time,” adds Koch, venturing into space for the first time. For their sake, I think that it’s probably time to head home,” she added.

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