NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover To Pave The Road For Future Human-Crewed Missions

NASA’s upcoming Mars 2020 rover is planned to arrive on the Red Planet in February 2021. When it reaches Jezero Crater, it will achieve its full step. The area is known as an ancient lake that was around 3.5 billion years ago.

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover represents a new milestone for scientists

The rover is set to establish a successful way of the robotic explorers who were there before to gather the first samples of Mars for a next come back to our planet. The device will also set the foundation for future human traveling by examining new technologies.

The Mars 2020 rover, which resembles Curiosity a lot, has six wheels, and is packed with many tools developed to make it search for signs of life dubbed biosignatures.

NASA thinks that the Red Planet was habitable before. The inhospitable planet, which looks a lot like a desert, and it was not always like this. The Martian earlier atmosphere decayed over time, shredded away by solar matter, ending in the tiny atmosphere we recognize today.

Mars 2020 will also search for evidence of past or present life on Mars

So far, scientists couldn’t identify any precise signs of ancient life yet. The rover’s team believes that its advanced suite of tools will shed some light.

A few years ago, the twin Observatory and Spirit rovers got a mission of searching for any proof of water, and they succeeded. Also, Curiosity was developed to comprehend habitability, and if the circumstances were right for life. And now, the Mars 2020 rover proceed that one step further and look after actual signs of life.

The rover will perform a drilling technique into Mars’ surroundings, and it will gather some samples. The space agency predicts that the quickest it can start a mission to fetch the rover’s samples would be approximately in 2026 or 2027.

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