New Cause for Covid-19’s Sudden Occurrence

Covid-19 changes the rules. It isn’t certain yet, but it sure looks like it does. A new case in North America, a resident of Solano County, was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The ambiguity in the virus behavior comes from the fact that the patient didn’t have any contact with a known source of the virus. Thus it seems like the virus just popped out of nowhere into the man’s system.

According to his statements, the patient didn’t travel nor had any contact with someone that could have been exposed to the virus. “The individual had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected individual,” said the California Department of Public Health.

This can go both ways: either the virus changed the rules and is no longer just a contact threat, or there are unknown infected people in North America. Neither of the two possibilities is soothing.

The Sudden Occurrence of Covid-19

In the first case scenario, people and the health department have more worries then previously thought: the virus can be anywhere, anytime. In the second one, it’s almost the same. If there are untraced cases of infection, the virus can travel anywhere, anytime, just as well.

This, along with a large number of asymptomatic cases of coronavirus, could mean that Covid-19 is on its way to get out of control. People won’t just have to stay away from what is known to be a potential source of the virus but from everything. Everyone becomes a potential source of the virus, not just the ones traveling to endangered places, showing symptoms, or being diagnosed with the virus.

Until the specialists find an answer, the recommendations stay in place: keep the minimum one-meter distance, wash your hands after any human contact, don’t touch your eyes, mouth or nose before you do so, drink hot water, and avoid contact with metal surfaces.

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