New Changes to the Shrek 5 Release Date?

We are all waiting for the new Shrek movie. We’re eager to find out what adventures our friends have prepared for us. Here is all we know about the release date of the movie. Find interesting things from behind the scenes.

So when is the release date of the fifth movie?

The release date for the first movie is set for the 30th of September, 2022. If there will be any changes to the date, this is the place to come.

Is this a Disney reference?

If you have been to Disneyland, then you know that there’s the It’s A Small World ride in the park. Children get to ride it and sing the song over and over again. Shrek decided to pay it a tribute in the movie, and the scene is simply amazing.

It happens when Shrek and Donkey first arrive in Duloc, at the castle of Lord Farquaad. At the entrance, they are greeted by singing puppets – they sing how great Duloc is. The song is very similar to the one from the ride. The moment left Donkey and Shrek looking at each other, thinking about how they managed to find themselves in this situation.

Lord Farquaad might not be as bad

Speaking of Lord Farquaad, he was a ruthless man, and he had only one goal in his mind: to be the official King of Duloc. But was he merely the cruel man, or is there more to read into about him?

We cannot deny that all he wants is power, money, and a beautiful wife, but he’s also quite stupid. Or is he? He had plans for the future of Duloc. Surprising, right?

We know this from a deleted scene of the movie, in which we were shown that he had a plan in the long-term for the town. He even wanted to turn the place into a large supermarket. Was it a good plan? Probably not, but at least he thought about it.

What’s the problem with Lord Farquaad?

Voice actors don’t really use their real voice in an animated film, but it’s funny to see how different the character is from the real person. This is what happened with John Lithgow, who voiced Lord Farquaad. His real height is very different from the one from the movie. He is 6’4″, and he said that he wouldn’t portray a short character. But when opportunity showed, he could not say no. Since it was an animated movie, people would not see him in the film, but would only hear his voice. It’s quite funny given the fact that the character is a short one and everyone makes fun of him. John Lithgow does not regret portraying Lord Farquaad.

The crew had to do an incredible thing for the movie

Sometimes, when preparing for a movie, the cast and crew have to do some things which are meant to help them better understand the characters and the effects of the film. And the crew of Shrek had to do quite an exciting thing. They had to take mud baths, especially the effects department. They needed to study the movements of the mud so that they would correctly portray these movements in the animation process. We are talking about backbreaking work. And keep in mind that this is the late-90’s. And we can only thank them for their work.






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