New Coronavirus Strain Also Destroys Immune Cells, New Research Revealed

The South China Morning Post newspaper recently made public research that explains how the COVID-19 is affecting the immune system, reports say. There it is revealed that the new strain of cells is responsible for causing acute pneumonia. At the same time, the deadly coronavirus strain is destroying the immune cells present in the human body.

The researchers have observed the way this virus behaves after reaching the human body in those patients that were already treated and have now recovered from the disease. The doctors are stating that the COVID-19 way of attacking the immune system bears a resemblance to the implications that HIV-infected patients are observing.

Scientists revealed how the new coronavirus strain destroys human immune cells

Two scientists from Shanghai and New York combined their knowledge to determine the development of SARS-CoV-2 and the T lymphocytes in the laboratory. The T cells are responsible for identifying and destroying the bacteria that infect the immune system. The phenomena are characterized by the capability of these cells to inject certain toxins in the cells infected by the virus and kill both of them.

The study shows that the SARS-CoV-2 is capable of attacking the T lymphocytes because of the texture full of spikes that it has. Therefore, this pattern is protecting the deadly virus from being attacked by the T lymphocytes, and, in addition to this, the virus has the power to infect the beneficial bacteria in our immune system. As a result, the T cell is incapable of protecting the human body and the immune system is in danger of collapse.

This study provides more information that could contribute to the creation of treatment against the deadly virus. Since the new coronavirus strain is not capable of building its protective shield, its characteristic is to attack the ACE 2 protein receptors, part of the composition of T cells that are responsible for strengthening the immune system.

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