New Evidence that The Earth’s Core is Rotating

Nothing truly ever stands still in the Universe – everything is in motion, and pretty much every movement has its purpose and its infrangible laws. This speaks for itself about the majesty of Creation. Without the Earth rotating and revolving around the Sun, we wouldn’t have seasons, days, and nights. But our planet moves at an even deeper level, and there’s not even use getting into quantum physics stuff that characterizes all atoms.

Earth’s core is rotating, and while scientists were only suspecting it for a long time, now they have solid proof. Seismic data gathered from repeating earthquakes (aka doublets) has shed some light on the mystery.

Xiaodong Song, who is a geologist and co-author of the new study published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, declared:

In 1996, a small but systematic change of seismic waves passing through the inner core was first detected by our group, which we interpreted as evidence for differential rotation of the inner core relative to the Earth’s surface,

However, some studies believe that what we interpret as movement is instead the result of seismic waves reflecting off an alternately enlarging and shrinking inner core boundary, like growing mountains and cutting canyons.

Yi Yang, the lead author of the study and also a graduate student, declared:

What makes our analysis different is our precise method for determining exactly when the changes in seismic signals occur and arrive at the various seismic stations across the globe,

By gathering data from the same location but different times, the scientists could differentiate between seismic signals that shift due to localized variation in relief from the ones that change due to movement and rotation.

We’re eagerly looking forward to know about new insights that the scientists will take part in. Perhaps understanding for sure what is causing all of the Earth’s movements is among the biggest challenges in science at the moment.

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