New GTA 6 Leak Reveals Possible Map and Setting

Grand Theft Auto fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting for a sequel to the 2013 title GTA V, and it will surely come sooner or later. But as everybody expects GTA VI to present the tumultuous world of 2020 and beyond, the setting could be a lot different than expected. The sixth installment could be embracing a formula similar to the Mafia series, where the location was set many decades ago.

If the new leak turns itself to be true, GTA 6 will bring the player back to the 80s instead of showcasing a modern world full of smartphones, Artificial Intelligence, and an everlasting pandemic.

Be aware of a post on the GTA 6 Reddit page

The GTA 6 leaked map presents an island that could be the new Columbia setting, as it’s claimed to be in the works by Rockstar. The leak also claims that GTA 6 could be set in 1985, which is very similar to the much older GTA Vice City. Behold the supposed map for GTA 6:

It may not look trustworthy, but it’s still the best bet we have for the moment when it comes to supposed maps of GTA 6. However, the fans are very pretentious for the future sequel, as there are plenty of aspects of GTA 5 that they want corrected. For instance, they’re hoping for more enterable buildings, more customization options, a female protagonist character, more side missions, and many more. The developers from Rockstar are putting a lot of effort into GTA 5 and, more precisely, its online mode (GTA Online). GTA 5 will also become available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2021 as an enhanced version, with the goal of taking advantage as much as possible of the two next-generation consoles’ hardware.

Rockstar is still yet to confirm the existence of GTA 6, but that doesn’t stop the fans and non-fans from speculating.

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