New Millimeter Telescope Could Offer Valuable Data About Black Holes

Black holes remain some of the most elusive objects that can be encountered in the endless void of space. While several studies have been conducted, there are many questions related to black holes that have remained unanswered.

A researcher from the University of Namibia is hard at work on a new project that seeks to procure a millimeter-wave telescope that could be brought in the country, marking a continental premiere for Africa. The Africa Millimeter Telescope, as the device will be named, could provide essential information related to black holes.

It is known that black holes form when a star reaches a point where it can no longer withstand its own gravitational pull, and it starts to collapse. The resulting black holes can exert such a powerful gravitational pull that they capture even light, a trait that renders them invisible to the naked eye.

African telescope to reveal new data about black holes

With the help of advanced telescopes, scientists have already uncovered a wealth of information about the universe and the mechanics which contributed to its formation. The AMT will be included in a global telescope network known under the name of Event Horizon, which has surveyed the sky in an attempt to track down black holes for fourteen years. At this point, the network includes eight telescopes which work in tandem to create a massive telescope.

One of the significant achievements of the Event Horizon Telescope is the first photo of a black hole, which was released in 2019, proving that black holes are, in fact, real objects. The addition of more telescopes will improve the sensibility of the array and the quality of future images.

A clear night sky and impressive mountain ranges make Namibia one of the best locations for the site of a new millimeter-wave telescope. At this point, funds are being raised for the constructions of the telescope, which should be operational by 2024 and start revealing data on black holes.

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