New “Piplup” Pokemon GO Community Day Event Available with Latest Details

If you love playing Pokemon GO, then we have some amazing news to share with you. A new Community Day event is scheduled to kick off at 11AM and it run until 2PM, your local time. The only time difference is on the southern hemisphere where the event will start at 3PM and it will last until 6PM. Nonetheless, we are advising all Pokemon GO fans to make sure to catch as many Piplup as they can because the reward is a rare Empoleon!

Evolving Empoleon During the Community Day Event

Empoleon will evolve today into Hydro Cannon. This is great news for Pokemon GO fans who want to add a powerful pocket monster to their PokeDex. Hurrying up and evolving the Pokemon by the end of the day is going to be worth it! Not just that, but catching Piplup will be easier than ever and this is why we are advising all Pokemon GO fans to take advantage of the Community Day event.

Improved Shiny Rate

Another important thing that we want to mention about the upcoming Community Day event is the fact that it will increase the shiny rate. According to Niantic, the shinies for the featured Pokemon will be 4.1%. This means that one in 24 encounters will reward Pokemon GO fans with a shiny Piplup.

On the downside of things, some Pokemon GO fans might be disappointed to find out that the final versions of shiny Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon don’t look that different from each other. They all feature different shads of blue.

While the appearance might not be that amazing, the skills and stats of the Pokemon will be quite different.  Nonetheless, this is a Community Day event that all Pokemon GO fans should make sure not to miss.

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