New Report for GTA 6 Disappoints The Fans of The Series

Although it seems like it takes forever for Rockstar, it’s only a matter of time until GTA 6 will finally become a reality. It’s been seven glorious years for the Grand Theft Auto series since GTA 5 was launched for Xbox consoles. Two years later, the game arrived on PC, and it was the continuation of a true frenzy for the gaming world – GTA 5 managed to become one of the best-selling games of all time.

Therefore, Rockstar is practically condemned to bring an even better game for the fans. It might seem impossible, but the company had all the time in the world and the sources of inspiration needed to come up with a new killer title. But unfortunately, the wait for GTA 6 to finally arrive could be even longer than anyone expected.

GTA 6 could launch after 2023

Tom Henderson, a reliable leaker, says he can’t see any announcement for the sixth main-installment of the GTA series coming before April 2023 at the earliest. The guy wrote as following:

How do creators and websites milk GTA 6 “leaks”?

The truth is… We’re still a couple of years away from an announcement. I can’t see the announcement coming until fiscal 2023 at the earliest.

Rockstar is currently having tons of success with the online mode of GTA V, which is also called GTA Online. The company is even updating the online mode weekly, and the servers are almost always full. There’s no telling exactly how many people are playing GTA Online in the present, but only in 2014 the title had a staggering amount of 33 million active players.

Although Rockstar doesn’t say a word when it comes to GTA 6, it would be absurd for the company to not continue its most successful gaming franchise at one point in the future.


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