New Restrictions Imposed in Pennsylvanian County

Allegheny County officials have come out on Sunday with a shocking announcement: new measures will be taken in order to reduce the number of novel coronavirus cases, considering the fact that cases have been rising recently. Some of these new measures include, but are not limited to, the inability to consume alcohol on-site at bars and restaurants, respectively several more guidelines for wearing masks in public.

The officials of Allegheny County Health Department have mentioned the fact that they will be finalizing an order that will come to fruition on June 30, around 5 p.m. Once this order is made official, on-site alcohol consumption will be prohibited at essentially every business in the entire country. This was mentioned in the press release that occurred on Sunday.

More guidelines included wearing masks in all businesses. Mask cannot be worn casually however, as they are more than a fashion statement. Masks must be worn in accordance to the guidelines set by the state. What is more, the county has specified that masks must also be worn when seated, not just when walking into an establishment. Furthermore, the release has specified that customers are only allowed to take off their mask when they eat or drink.

Officials have confirmed the fact that all reported violations will be looked into. Should a business be found in violation of one of the restrictions, it will be closed down for at least one week. The release has also mentioned that restaurants will have to enforce some physical distancing while they prioritize outdoor seating an a maximum of 50% percent.

Rich Fitzgerald, the county executive of Allegheny County, has led the state of Pennsylvania in some new COVID-19 cases for the very first time ever since cases were confirmed to occur in the state. That is quite nice, I must say.

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