New Update for ‘Your Phone’ Integrates Android Apps into Windows 10

If until this point, there were still people clinging to the good old Windows 7, they now have the best reason to upgrade. Microsoft updates its ‘Your Phone’ app in such a way that it allows Windows 10 users to run Android apps directly from their PC’s. Slowly but surely, you won’t be saying anymore that smartphones can still do things that computers can’t.

The update is already available, which means that you’d better check your ‘Your Phone’ app right now. The new feature is available to Windows 10 testers. The Android apps launched from the mobile app will run in a separate window besides the one for the Your Phone app. The Android apps will also run mirrored from your smartphone.

Windows Central presents the amazing new features of Your Phone app in a short YouTube video:

You’ll be able to run those Android apps side by side, and you can even pin them to the taskbar or Start Menu from Windows 10. From that point, you can use them in pretty much the same way you’re doing with Windows 10 apps/programs.

What’s next after Windows 10?

Even though a lot of users hope for a successor of Windows 10, the most plausible scenario is that Microsoft will instead choose to maintain the regular updating of its latest OS. Windows 10 runs well despite some of its flaws, and Microsoft seems to be doing its best to provide fixes when necessary. Windows 10’s latest version is the May 2020 Update, version “2004,” which was launched this year on May 27. The Redmond-based company releases new major updates for Windows 10 every six months, not to mention the regular fixes for technical issues.

The Your Phone app continues to be a very handy tool, as it’s capable of granting you instant access to everything you like on your phone through your PC.

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