New WhatsApp Security Flaw Affects the Desktop Version

Maybe it’s true that no app is perfect nowadays, with the web being a tempestuous place where cyber thieves are constantly finding new ways of threatening the data from our devices. But even though the WhatsApp developers are constantly bringing improvements for their instant messaging app, some big flaws are appearing, and they need urgent fixes.

The same goes for a new WhatsApp security flaw for the desktop version. Researchers, including Gal Weizman from the PerimeterX company, discovered that this flaw allows remote access to your PC through nothing more than a message that contains some code snippets in it.

Update to the latest version ASAP

The only reasonable thing to do if you’re using the desktop version of WhatsApp is to head straight for the download of the latest update available. Uninstalling the app from your computer shouldn’t be an option since you never know when you need to check your messages otherwise than by pulling the phone from your pocket. Yes, the smartphone version of WhatsApp has more features like video calling, but also having the desktop version installed just in case is also a good idea.

You need the 0.4.612.0 version

This is the WhatsApp desktop version you should be using. Otherwise, it’s very risky to open any messages received from an unknown person. The version containing this serious security flaw is the 0.3.9309 one, but there’s a good chance that previously installed versions can be equally dangerous.

The newfound security flaw has been discovered in a period when the Facebook-owned messaging service looked like it’s doing very well. The long-awaited dark theme has been recently added for Android users, and it’s awaited for iOS devices as well. Even more, WhatsApp just announced the achievement of 2 billion users worldwide, which is truly staggering.

Hopefully, the latest security flaw won’t obliterate the users’ trust in their favorite app since a simple update shall solve the issue.

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