Newton’s Law and Dark Matter Might Be Wrong Theories

The scientific world seems to have split into two sides: the ones trying to prove the existence of dark matter, and the ones trying to infirm it — ancient and modern cosmology. Modified Newtonian Dynamics is a theory that belongs to the Israeli physicist Prof. Dr. Mordehai Milgrom.

The theory says that Newton’s laws only apply up to a certain point. Under very low accelerations, the attraction between two masses becomes considerably stronger. This explains why galaxies do not break apart as a result of their rotational speed.

A new study, the Universities of Bonn and Strasbourg, pursued Prof. Milgrom’s assumption, and the results seem to confirm it. At least at the early stages at which the study still is. The researchers simulated the process of galaxies’ formation as if the dark matter wouldn’t exist. For this to be possible, Newton’s law needed to be altered. Since dark matter is still just a presumption, such a study was to be expected.

Newton’s Law and Dark Matter Might Be Wrong Theories

It looks like similarities with reality are overcoming. “The simulation resulted mostly in the formation of rotating disk galaxies like the Milky Way and almost all other large galaxies we know,” says Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa from the Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics at the University of Bonn and the Astronomical Institute of Charles University in Prague.

“Dark matter simulations, on the other hand, predominantly create galaxies without distinct matter disks — a discrepancy to the observations that is difficult to explain.” The sensitivity of the frequency of supernovae and their effect on the distribution of matter in galaxies prove to have a considerable influence in dark matter calculus.

Whereas in the MOND simulation, they barely make a difference. Next, simulations will include more complex influencing factors. The study pursues to prove MOND theory the real explanation of reality.

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