OffWorld’s Smart Robots will help Astronomers to Explore the Solar System

We all have heard numbers and estimations about how big the Universe is. The Observable Universe – which means what we have seen so far through our telescopes, is estimated to have a diameter of around 96 billion light-years. But the Universe could be even a million times bigger than that if the inflation theory is correct. Not to mention that scientists are almost sure that there are countless other Universes out there, somewhere.

But how many of you are thinking about how big our own Solar System is? Well, it’s indeed extremely huge, so huge that scientists weren’t able to explore even 10% of it. The harsh truth is that even on Earth, we still have plenty of new stuff to explore. But in a world where smart gadgets are in the hands of everyone, why not consider the idea of sending smart robots to explore the Solar System for us humans?

OffWorld could have the solution

OffWorld is a company from California that plans the launch of industrial and smart machines for destinations all over the Solar System. The company already has some Fortune 500 companies paying to deploy robots on Earth for mining and other operations. Therefore, OffWorld plans to reach a much higher level and perhaps to show us why it has the name “OffWorld”.

The CEO of OffWorld is Jim Keravala, and he said for at the International Astronautical Congress that future robotic generations assisting NASA’s astronauts when they land on the surface of the moon would please him. However, humanity has been to the moon already, so we should hope a lot more from the future robots.

Keravala said:

We’re building up our skills by deploying these robots [now] in mines, construction sites, tunnels and other infrastructure scenarios. As we build that learning, that will give us an unprecedented level of insight … as to how the hardware operates in different environments

The main plan includes that smart robots will be used by OffWorld actually to learn by practicing, so they will be able to do the hard work of getting the stages ready for humans.

The project is now at a very early stage, but it’s worth keeping an eye on what will OffWorld say and come up with in the near future. Let’s hope that the smart robots will find out if there is life on Enceladus, or how could we move faster to Mars.

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