One Piece Chapter 986 Has Been Postponed

One Piece Chapter 986 has been delayed, and it seems that the new manga issue will not hit the market before next month. The recent issue has given us a lot of details on how the storyline has changed, as we’re getting to the finale.

The 986 manga chapter will give us even more details about the fate of Orochi and Kanjuro. They were both cut down by Kaido and Kiku.

Here is all we know so far

The spoilers will probably still get on the internet soon, with the raw scans showing us what to expect. Name and Momo will find themselves in danger because they are caught by the beast and Big Mom pirates. Will Sanji use the stealth suit and help them? We can only wait.

Yamato and Luffy have made the team, and we will see in the next chapter how the duo gets in a lot of trouble with the pirates.

Also, Big Mom and Kaido have made the team in order to find the ancient weapon; we all know Kaido wants to be the next Pirate King. They are able to attack the Fishman Island in order to get Shirahosi as the mermaid princess is the weapon that Poseidon uses to call the Sea Kings.

There is also a new weapon being developed, and we cannot wait to hear more about it in the next chapter.

Why has it been delayed?

One Piece is celebrating its 23rd anniversary, and this has been their full priority. Also, they have delayed it due to the 2020 Olympics. But even if the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed because of the outbreak, they had announced it quite a while ago.



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