One Piece Chapter 988: Will Kaido die?

It seems that One Piece Chapter 988 will be delayed by about a week, but are so excited to see Kaido’s dragon form in action. We know that the Samurais attacked Kaido and that they manage to hurt the Yonko with their swords. Kaido started to cough blood, and we think he is ready for a future fight in One Piece 988 manga chapter.

Kaido transformed into a dragon and then flew through the roof. That’s where the Minks were waiting for him. It’s worth mentioning that it was a full moon and that the Minks were ready to enter their Sulong form and to fight the dragon. Here is all we know so far about the One Piece, chapter 988.

Spoilers on the internet show that the Samurais and Minks will fight with Kaido and will use their full power. The alliance between the Pirate-Samurai-Mink was formed in order to fight Kaido and overthrow him from Wano. This is why Luffy agreed to help. The Samurais in wano and the Minks in Zou had to go through a lot because of Kaido and his men. So it’s only normal that they want revenge.

The Minks are very powerful after they enter their Sulong form, and it seems that the spoilers show that moonlight is reflecting on them. Neku and Inu both smile, and we cannot wait to see their Sulong form.

There are many theories that Kaido will get injured in the new chapter, after fighting with the Samurais and the Minks. But will Yonko be defeated that easily?

So when is the release date?

One Piece Chapter 988 was released on the 23rd of August, 2020, according to some official sources. The raw scans are also on the internet – they’ve leaked before the 23rd of August.



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