One Piece Will Be Turned Into a Live-Action Pretty Soon

One piece is one of the best anime series on Netflix, and it has plenty of fans around the globe. We all love the series, and we cannot wait for the twist of the show. Netflix will come with a live-action One Piece. The creator of the film will be Eiichiro Oda.

The planning was almost over, and the movie should have hit the theaters in August. The series was developed by Tomorrow Studios. All the locations were planned, and the crew was ready. They were expected to start the filming process in Cape Town, in South Africa. But there is a delay in the production.

The new coronavirus outbreak has had an impact on the entire world. We all do social distancing now, and it has affected our lives. It also affected the filming process. Keep in mind that most countries have banned international flights. This means that they either change the location, or they will have to wait until it is all over. Right now, there is nothing we can do about it.

Flights might start from September, and that’s when they will probably start the filming process. They also need to start the casting process, which might take a while. Oda-sensei is very strict when it comes to the details presented in the series. His association with Netflix will be a big deal for the streaming service, and it will probably change the idea of an anime series forever.

If this series is a success, we will probably get a lot of other anime series made into live-action series. There are some series that succeeded before, and we believe this one will be a success, as well.



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