One Punch Man Chapter 134: Find Out What Happens to in the Next Chapter

Chapter 134 of One Punch Man is finally out, and you can read the full manga chapter online. We know that the latest chapters are not released on the set schedule, but there are so many other ways to read the manga for free.

Some users make sure that we can get it for free. They are posting it on Imgur and many other free image hosting sites. Here is how and where to read One Punch Man Chapter 134 English manga online.

You can easily read it online in English from Imgur – you can find links anywhere on social media platforms and forums. Always make sure the sources are safe and no illegal. These sites are not safe. You can find the links (for sure) on Reddit – fans are already discussing the spoilers on the site.

What happens in the chapter?

Genos is using the “True Spiral Incineration Canon” attack on Psykos, and, as a result, she gets badly hurt. She also taunts Tatsumaki. Genos then says asks Tatsumaki to hurry up while he uses his force with the 10-second power-up attack. The distraction works, and the hostages that are held by the villain are finally released. Psykos finally realizes that the attack coming from Genos was happening only once, and he tries to kill him after his shield does not work anymore.

Tatsumaki calls Genos a Demon Cyborg and says confidently that she will handle it from here, and Genos replies that it was not for her sake. Psykos is shocked to see Tatsumaki powers – she fights very well, even if her fingers are bleeding. The entire tower falls down, and King tries to save a kid from that disaster. Tatsumaki is the one that ends the entire situation.

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