One Punch Man Chapter 136: Release Date and Spoilers

We are all waiting for the release of One Punch Man Chapter 136. We know for sure that the series does not have a regular release schedule, so it is very hard to follow a pattern. Recent chapters have been released with only a few days between each other. Sometimes it may take a few months between two chapters to be released. This time we got lucky.

In chapter 136 there will be a battle between Saitama and Blast Amai Mask. This all we know so far.

So when is the release date?

The official release date is not known yet, but we have heard from different sources that chapter 136 will be released on Sunday, the 1st of November. Fans are already discussing the chapter on social media platforms because the raw scans have been released. They are usually released on the internet a few days before the actual release of the chapter, which means that it will indeed be released on the 1st of November.

However, it is better to wait for the official release of the chapter and only read it from official sources.

Spoilers revealed

As stated before, spoilers are already on the internet. We got them from the manga raw scans which were leaked online.

Blast is one of the top S-Class heroes, and he is quite hard to beat. We will probably see some more background story about Blast. Right now, everything about him is a mystery, and that’s why everyone cannot wait to find out more about him. Saitama will also fight against the most powerful characters in the universe.

The battle between Saitama and Blast will probably be the highlight of the story, and we will learn more about both of them.


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