OnePlus 8T vs. Its Predecessors – Is It Worth Upgrading?

Priced at $749, the OnePlus 8T is another arguably affordable entry from the OnePlus lineup. It packs cutting-edge specs, 5G, and a more convenient price tag than the OnePlus 8Pro. There are many reasons to appreciate the device. It’s a little more expensive than what the company had planned initially, but that is still excellent value for many compared to other flagships of the moment. However, many people are wondering how it performs against older models. Is it worth purchasing? Let’s find out!

OnePlus 8T vs. 7T Pro and 7T

The performance gap between the 7T lineup and the OnePlus 8T is slim. The lineup features an in-display fingerprint reader, 90Hz displays, and 30W fast charging.

The 7T is arguably close to the 8T in terms of specifications.

The most notable difference between the two generations can be noticed in the camera department—the 7T features a more traditional primary, telephoto, and wide-angle layout than the 8T’s quad-layout. However, if you are not necessarily interested in taking artsy photos, the 7T can very well be the better choice if you are constrained by budget.

On a more curious note, switching from the 7T Pro to the 8T would be a step-down! The 7T Pro features a QHD+ display and pop-up selfie camera that isn’t available on the 8T.

Older Models

Going further up the OnePlus genealogy, the OnePlus 6 might not be such a great contender.

Though the device still works great, it lacks features like better cameras, 5G connectivity, and the in-display fingerprint scanner.

Also, 20W Dash Charge and the degrading battery autonomy are incomparable to the new device’s features.

However, if you own an OnePlus 6 or 6T and don’t feel like it’s behaving sluggishly, consider sticking to it for a while more.

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